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My research agenda is currently focused on music teacher education and pedagogical approaches to teaching undergraduate courses in vocal and instrumental methods. A foundational aspect of my researcher identity includes examining the ways in which university music faculty, aware that the marketplace seeks broadly prepared music teachers, design programs of study in order to prepare preservice teachers in more than one musical content area. Currently, I am conducting an explanatory sequential mixed methods study of participant perceptions of the effects of Estill Voice Training® Figures for Voice Control in a brass techniques pedagogy course as an approach toward developing participants’ proprioception of the vocal tract anatomy and physiology related to playing secondary brass instruments (Jordan, 2022). In addition, I am co-investigating the collaboration between a university professor and an undergraduate music education student in the co-teaching of an introductory music technology course for non-music majors (Jordan & Austin, 2022). I am also co-investigating the perceptions of cooperating music teachers’ and student teachers’ experiences during COVID-19 (Gunther et al., 2022). My publications illustrate my interests in music teacher agency as well as democratic, student-centered, and culturally responsive approaches to music education that are both academically rigorous and practical with the potential to undergird a life-long engagement with music. Over the next five years I see myself pursuing inquiry in the areas of music teacher education, democratic approaches to music teaching in ensemble-based and other contexts, teacher agency, and the experiences of LGBTQ music educators that may highlight issues of access, diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am particularly interested in collaborating with researchers within and outside my institution, and I remain active in music conferences and symposia.

Updated November 2022

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