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Jordan, R. C. (2023, April 13). Exploring the use of Estill Voice Training (EVT) in the teaching of brass instruments to undergraduate music education students: A mixed methods study [Research poster session]. National Association for Music Education Eastern Division Conference, Rochester, NY.

Duncan, R., Gunther, J., & Jordan, R. C. (2022, November 2). Cooperating music teachers’ perceptions of student teachers’ fieldwork during COVID-19  [Research presentation]. National Association for Music Education National Conference, National Harbor, MD.

Tucker, O. G., Jordan, R. C., & Hathaway, C. (2022, April 21–26). Two music educators' resistance of competition [Paper session]. American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.

Jordan, R. C. (2021, September 23–25). Exploring music teacher education using Gert Biesta’s three educational domains: Qualification, socialization, and subjectification [Graduate research poster forum]. Society for Music Teacher Education, Greensboro, NC.

Research Paper and Poster Presentations: Bio
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