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From a recent graduate —

Student teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic was full of unexpected challenges, and Robert's mentorship as my student teaching supervisor was critical in navigating this difficult time. Robert possesses the rare ability to guide student teachers through both personal challenges such as confidence struggles and performance anxiety as well as practical problems like formatting lesson plans and motivating students. Always leading with empathy and compassion, Robert provided a safe space to discuss my student teaching experience and broader professional goals. Because Robert is both experienced in the classroom and well-versed in music education literature, he is able to give advice drawing from his own teaching career as well as other research and case studies. Each week, I looked forward to our reflective sessions as a time when I could openly and honestly discuss whatever was on my mind. I left each session feeling encouraged, supported, and inspired. Furthermore, Robert was an invaluable mentor during my job search process. He offered extra time to help me prepare for interviews and made himself available via phone and text as I was making time-sensitive career decisions. I am forever grateful for Robert's unfailing support during an extremely stressful and uncertain time. Robert has instilled in me the confidence to enter my first year of teaching feeling excited and well-prepared.

From a recent graduate —

Robert played a major role in my success at student teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a supportive mentor is crucial when learning how to teach remotely, and I am so grateful to have had Robert in my corner. We met on a weekly basis to go over any questions or concerns I had while student teaching. He offered insightful advice on repertoire, assessment strategies, inclusive practices, and student engagement tools that I felt confident applying in my teaching. When self-doubt crept in, he offered encouraging, kind words that repaired my confidence and mindset. He is a wonderful listener; his warm, patient demeanor created a safe and nurturing environment for our meetings that allowed me to feel open and comfortable. Robert is dedicated and trustworthy; whenever I have a question or concern, he is unwavering in his support. When graduation came, and it was time to find my first teaching job, Robert was the first person I consulted for direction, and he saw me through to the end. Even today as I plan my lessons for my new students, I feel so lucky to know that Robert is still there for me.

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